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| Esquarders Persons | Tony Mac

| Esquarders Persons |

We are proud to announce interview with new person!
Blogger || Photographer || Microbiologist || Traveller || Influencer || Pioneer || Afrodandy || Storyteller ||

Please welcome Tony Mac!

✔️What are you proud of?
First and foremost am proud of myself and what I have achieved so far and the high records I have set above the sky as an individual.

✔️What are your personality traits?
As someone who’s very persistent when I want something, what I want I go for it until I get it regardless how long it will take, Courage, Strength and Confidence those are myself traits. ⠀
✔️What characterizes you as a person?
I love and care about African children, that’s the future of our continent. To be the greatest inspiration in Africa.

✔️Who or what inspires or motivates you the most?
Myself inspires me the most, the way I find myself how I want to be unique and the greatest inspiration to others. Frank Lucas, Pablo Escobar, Defustel Deoficiel are also some of the individuals that inspire me the most, their Power, character and mentality are what I would like to have coffee with them and ask them about that. Menzi Mcunu, not just as a friend, but how he take risks and manages to accomplish many goals at in due time inspires me. ⠀

✔️What is your favourite quote/saying or life motto?
My favourite quote or motto I have for myself is: There’s None like Me

✔️Something you can’t go a day without?
I can’t imagine a day without my loved ones and my career. I can’t go a day without my microbiologist career because it’s what I been fighting for years.

✔️What is your favourite item or accessory in your wardrobe?
Gold and Silver rings and bracelets, just say a lot about my strength and symbolise how much power and control I have in order to lift up myself to be the Greatest.i also like wearing hats as a symbol of honour and Respect to myself.

✔️Do you have an amulet or mascot?
I don’t have a mascot, I believe spiritual being and faith is my great weapon to life.