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Tips for storing and caring for your Esquarders jewellery.

  • Sterling silver pieces tend to tarnish over time due to wear and day to day exposure to an environment. It is perfectly natural and we think this is adding a character to our jewellery.
  • Try to avoid punching anything or anyone with your ring on, you can damage your hand and the ring.
  • Also, please do not use your ring as a bottle opener, there are plenty of other ways of doing this.
  • Jewellery should preferably not be worn during sports or while working in the garden. You may scratch the plating.
  • Avoid swimming with the jewellery on or throwing it in the washing machine. Chlorine and other chemicals that are added in the water can damage the jewellery.
  • Ocean salt water too can cause adverse effects to plated surfaces. Avoid getting it wet, basically.