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Esquarders Persons | Renat Gayanov

| Esquarders Persons |

Welcome to our new rubric where we speak with interesting and fashion-conscious people from different walks of life. They will tell a little bit about themselves and share their views about various topics.


Please welcome Renat Gayanov!

Men’s hairdresser and barber


  • What characterizes you as a person / what are your personality traits?

It is difficult to honestly evaluate yourself and I think that only people who surround you can do this objectively. I believe that communication skill is one of my strengths, as I meet vast numbers of very different people. It is crucial to be able to find approach to a programmer from Parnu, rock star or a politician. People around me value my friendliness, readiness to help, my discipline and the fact that I always follow my goals.


  • Anything you can’t imagine your day without?

I cannot imagine my day without a nice cup of a coffee and some positive music. Also mood quite often is set by a first customer. Usually there is no problems with that because most of the time my customers are wonderful people. That means every day is interesting and productive.


  • Do you have an amulet or mascot? How does it help you?  

I have a lot of respect for amulets. It is not a very well known fact, but some hairdressers believe that  it is necessary to wear something on the wrist, for example the bracelet. Bracelet becomes a border between you and the customer and it will absorb any negative energy. Also bracelet is a stylish accessory which can complement your image.