How it all began…

The idea for Esquarders brand was born while Vitali Holstinin was hiking in Scandinavia  – an austere place with a lot of Nordic character. There is something magical about walking for tens of miles per day surrounded by cliffs, rocky mountain streams and waterfalls, sleeping in the open air. Such close proximity to nature infuses you with the energy of the North.

These journeys where he constantly had to overcome himself, also made him feel how since the ancient times men’s character was forged by living in these harsh conditions. Nature is a challenge man has to accept. He wanted to express these thoughts, feelings, and the stunning Scandinavian nature through the craftsmanship. Details like the texture of rocks became an inspiration for creating this collection.

Unable to resist the creative urge Vitali have started the brand Esquarders with a focus on creating contemporary pieces that reflect the traditional core values of a true man.

Here at Esquarders we believe that manhood lies in inner strength and although our culture is constantly changing, there are certain traits – regardless of time and age – every man should strive to embody. This may sound a bit old fashioned, but it does not mean being stuck in the old ways. We tend to believe that it is quite the opposite to that.

Our passion is creating jewellery that encourages to be more adventurous with your style, without burning the bridges. Esquarders makes jewellery for the modern man, that will add a stylish element and can act as a unique eye catcher for an elegant business outfit or a casual everyday look.

Our mission is to find the ways to combine good old traditionalism with the ability to experiment and openness to something new. Fusing these together sounds like an interesting idea and serious challenge, which we decided to accept.